Giving Program:

Memorials, tributes and personal donations are accepted by the Foundation. Donations may include park furniture, trees, program scholarships, new facilities and cash donations. Recommended park furniture donations include benches and picnic tables. New facility donations may include plazas, picnic shelters, fountains, marina, planting areas, playground equipment, ball fields, courts, pools, dog park amenities, and case donations toward trail and park amenities. Plaques are included with park furniture and new facility donations. Please check back soon for detailed information. Call 614-342-4250 or email for more information.


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Legacy Program:Trail, Facility & Park Improvements New Trails, Facilities & Parks Program & Scholarship EndowmentLegacy provides an ideal opportunity to permanently link a donor’s family name, or honored name, with the proud tradition and vision of our parks. The Foundation offers named gift opportunities ranging from a specific garden area to entire facilities.

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