Cultural Arts

 Cultural Arts Committee

These beautiful works of art are located thorough out Gahanna’s Creekside district.

Visit the art scupture donated to the community on behalf of the Foundation in 2012. It is entitled “Tria Psaria” or Three Fish designed by  Staci Alatsis, a 2013 GLHS graduate, during her junior year. It is located on the bank of the Big Walnut Creek and visible from Creekside Plaza. 


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“Sight of the Crow” created by Margaret Scott, unveiled at the 2013 Friday After Five and sponsored by the Linton family.


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“We Live Here” bench created by Christina Grote, unveiled at the 2014 Hops & Vines Fest and sponsored by Philip E. Griesinger.


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“Three Creeks” sculpture created by Steve Bash, unveiled 09/09/2011 and sponsored by the Linton Family.


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Mural Art

Mill Stone

The Foundation’s Cultural Arts Committee is seeking volunteers to help identify and locate public artwork and art projects in Gahanna. If interested, email with your name, email and phone number. 

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